A basic invoice has 3 main components (called modules in the Boost terminology):

  • General header information:
    • client data
      • client name
      • client address
    • invoice date
    • invoice number
    • invoice description
  • Detail items
    • item
    • unit price
    • quantity
    • sub total
  • Invoice overview
    • sub total
    • tax
    • total

The information above describes a single invoice for a client. In addition, an invoice also contains so general information about your company:

  • chamber of commerce number
  • bank account number
  • company name
  • company logo
  • tax registration number

The above data is the same for all invoices sent by you and does not need to be captured in the definition of an invoice. This data will be captured in the invoice template (which is used to generate a PDF document of the invoice).


So, let’s get started:

  • Open the Boost application in your browser
  • Log in with an admin user account (the account you registered with is an admin account)
  • On the top, there is a bar menu with the option “Add Form” on the far left.
  • Click the Add Form menu
  • You will see a form with many options, but for now, just enter a name (Invoice) for your form (in the first field) and click the OK button.