Templates can be used to merge your documents into a template. Say someone has entered their resumé on the website and you need it to be in a nice and neet looking format. You just add a template to the form configuration and Boost will allow you to download this in a PDF format.

To manage templates follow the following steps:

  1. login as admin and select ‘Template’ from the main menu.
  2. If you see the text: ‘When you add a new form, you’re able to add templates.’ You first need to add a form (for example: Expense report)
  3. Otherwise you should see tiles representing the forms you have.
  4. Select on of the tiles.
  5. choose ‘Create template’
  6. create_template
  7. After this a screen will show containing the following options:
    • ‘Name’, is the bar on top. This is the name of the template
    • ‘Landscape’, is the template in landscape select this checkbox
    • ‘Use header’ should all pages have a Header?
    • ‘Use footer’ should all pages have a Footer?
    • ‘Show page number’, all pages will get a page number (1 out of 4) in the right bottom corner
    • three editors, the top one being the header  top middle one being the body of the document, the bottom one being the header
  8. There’s two buttons to keep in mind:
  9. wysywig
  10. the blue button let’s you add dynamic parts. You select the button and you can choose the parts you wish to insert. This will be replaced on download by the value saved in the form
  11. the green button let’s you add conditions. These condition determine if a block should be shown. (be aware, this part requires a high level of html skills and is still under construction)
    • if you wish to add this manually there’s a need trick:
    • click source
    • scroll the the html tag you wish to hide in certain conditions
    • add the attribute ‘visible’ and add a condition: ‘{{demo.module.demo.part1}}’ == ‘3’
    • this way the element will only be shown if the demo module demo part1 equals 3.
  12. For adding tables we still require a lot on HTML skill off you to make it dynamic use this example as a guidline:
    1. table_example
    2. and for the source add this to the tbody:  <tbody module=”Formal Education &amp; Qualifications”> where the module is the name of the module.
  13. after your done configuring your template, click save and the template will be saved. Be aware, if you take a long (first) time, your session might expire. So you might feel the need to save every few minutes.