For creating a workflow we need to have searchable fields. In the form configurator we can edit fields so they are searchable. After making fields searchable they can be used in the workflow. If you wish to set-up the workflow items you need to be a user with workflow rights.

If all this is done, follow the next steps:

  1. login as a user and navigate to the form you wish to create a workflow for (in our case: ‘Car Rental Contract’)
  2. We can use a static search to create simple flows, like ‘How many Subaru’s are rented out’ or ‘how many cars were rented to company X’ This is all very static.
  3. workflow_static
  4. Do make things a bit more dynamic, click the ‘GO ADVANCED’ text. You’ll see the screen changing. Here we can do loads of different things. Maybe we want to know which cars are returned to late, or maybe how many are still pending, or even how many cars should be prepared for tomorrow in Buenos Aires. We can do it all!!
  5. workflow_dynamic
  6. You might need some other, or more criteria, you can just add them to your search, select your field an operator and fill out your values. If you use ‘is null’, ‘is not null’ or date variables you’re able to create all items mentioned above. The query can be saved. If your queries are saved they appear on your home screen and, if, you have your notifications turned on in your profile you will receive updates on these items.