Timesheets can be used to log all the hours you spend on your different projects or for your different clients.

The timesheet provided in this example contains three sections:

  • General: This contains general information about the period to which the time sheet is related and also for which person this time sheet is.
  • Work log: This section contains the actual work logs. This is a simple table view where a user can enter the date, project, number of hours worked and optionally a comment about the work log.
  • Admin: This section is for internal use. This contains information like the state of the time sheet. The state can be used to indicate if the sheet is complete, or has been processed or similar information.


To use the time sheets, you first need to create it yourself (using the administrator functionality). This section will explain how to create it yourself so you can easily customise it to suit your needs.

It is also assumed that timesheets will only be available to logged in users so their is no publicly accesible part of the form. the reason for this is that we want to add all users and projects to the form so it becomes really easy and quick to fill in the form, but off course you do not want your list of users and projects to be visible in a drop down that non users can see.

We suggest you first read the general article explaining how to create a new form to get familiar with the concepts and then the steps described here should be easy and simple to follow.

  1. Log in and switch to admin user if you are not in Admin mode already.
  2. Click the Add Form button
  3. Enter a name for the form: “Timesheet”
  4. You can choose to add a message – this is handy if you have some specific instructions for users who will fill in these forms.
  5. In the department rights section, check the following rights for the Admin department:
    • Add
    • Edit
    • View
    • Report
    • Download
    • Workflow Assignable